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Innovative Research for Farm Governance and Management

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agricultural management, agricultural cooperative, management strategy, diversification strategies in farming operations, farm services, governance in farming operations, network structure


farm management and governance
characteristics of networks of farm enterprises
roles of agricultural cooperatives in contemporary society



The Innovative Research for Farm Governance and Management (IRFGM) program was founded in April 2012 with an endowment by the Norinchukin Bank. As the endowment was intended to extend insights from the research directly to education and extension, IRFGM is committed to collaborative works with partner institusions, including Norinchukin Bank, Norinchukin Research Institute, and organizations in public and agricultural sectors.

IRFGM's research is to squarely and dynamically respond to varying demands from diverse agricultural fields. Employing multi-perspective approaches focusing on networks of diverse actors in and surrounding farm sectors, our research addresses a variety of themes from the human resource development in farm sectors, to the management and governance of farm enterprises, and to the development of regional agri-industrial clusters.

In the educational program, we provide an undergraduate coures ("Strategies for Farm Management in the Future") and a graduate course ("Innovative Governance and Management of Farming") in which students learn through our case-study-oriented lectures, as well as lively lectures by guests who perform cutting-edge works in businesses, non-profit or public sectors.

Finally, as our prime extension program, biannual public symposiums are organized in the spring and fall semesters, featuring panel discussions by speakers from the partner organizations and individuals with whom we conduct the research.
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