Profile of Project Professors

Project Professor

YU, Xiaohua


Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, The United States.

Research Field

Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics , Applied Econometrics

Research Keywords

Food Demand, Consumer Behavior, Agribusiness strategy, Food Price Volatility, Non-market Goods Evaluation, Nutrition Transition, China Economic Development, Food Security, Food Safety , meat economics

Research Activities and Interests

Xiaohua Yu is a University Professor at the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development and Courant Research Centre ’Poverty, Equity and Growth’ in the University of Göttingen, Germany. He obtained his bachelor degree from Renmin University of China in 2001, master degree from Kyoto University in Japan, and Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University in the U.S. in 2009. His research interests cover agricultural economics, development economics, environmental economics and China Economy. He serves in editorial boards for a number of international journals. He is also columnists for Caixin Media and Southern Metropolis Daily, two very influential Chinese medias.

Selected Publications

[1] Yu X. and D. Abler (2016) “Matching Food with Mouths: A Statistical Explanation to the Abnormal Decline of Per Capita Food Consumption in Rural China”, Food Policy. Vol.63:36-43.
[2] Zhou D., and X. Yu (2016) “Calorie Elasticities with Income Dynamics: Evidence from the Literature”, Applied Economic Perspective and Policy. Vol.38 (1): 50-72.
[3] Tian X. and X. Yu (2015). Using Semiparametric Models to Study Nutrition Improvement and Dietary Change with Different Indices: The Case of China. Food Policy. Volume 53: 67–81
[4] Yu X., B. Yan and Z. Gao (2014). Can Willingness-To-Pay Values be Manipulated? Evidences from an Experiment on Organic Food in China, Agricultural Economics. 45(S1):119-127.
[5] Yu X. and D. Abler (2014). “Where Have All the Pigs Gone? Inconsistencies in Pork Statistics in China”. China Economic Review, Vol.30: 469-484.
[6] Yu. X. (2014) “Monetary Easing Policy and Long-Run Food Prices in China”, Economic Modelling, Vol.40:175-183.
[7] Yu X., Z. Gao and Y. Zeng (2014). “Willingness to Pay for the ‘Green Food’ in China.” Food Policy, Vol. (45):80-87.
[8] Ji Y., X. Yu, and F. Zhong (2012): “Machinery Investment Decision and Off-Farm Employment in Rural China”. China Economic Review. Vol.23(1):71-80.
[9] Yu X. and David Abler (2010): “Incorporating Zero and Missing Responses into CVM with Open-Ended Bidding: Willingness to Pay for Blue Skies in Beijing”, Environment and Development Economics, Vol.15:535-556.
[10] Yu X. and D. Abler (2009): “The Demand for Food Quality in Rural China”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 91(1): 57-69.

Professional Careers

2014- Present

Professor, Courant Research Centre “Poverty, Equity, and
Growth”, and Department of Agricultural Economics and
Rural Development, University of Göttingen.


Junior Professor, Courant Research Centre “Poverty, Equity, and
Growth”, University of Göttingen.