[Event Report] JGP Special Seminar by Dr. Hart N. Feuer on 2015.05.28

On May 28, 2015, we held a special seminar by Dr. Hart N. Feuer, Project Specific Assistant Professor (JGP).

The details of the event are as follows:


Understanding the Diversity of Local Food: How National Cuisine Evolves in Everyday Cambodian Restaurants


Dr. Hart N. Feuer, Project Assistant Professor (JGP), Kyoto University

[Time & Date]

16:30-18:00 Thursday 28 May 2015


Room E217, Faculty of Agriculture Main Bldg., North Campus


The owners of pre-prepared food restaurants (or soup-pot restaurants) in Cambodia and many other Asian countries make their decisions about what to cook in a complex manner, factoring in their culinary skill, seasonality of ingredients, and diners’ expectations for variety. As such, soup-pot restaurants exist as brokers between the diverse range of rural food customs and the prevailing expectations of city dwellers. In urban areas, everyday restaurants such as these are a window into seasonality and market cycles of food, as well as an opportunity to encounter culinary diversity and participate in the formulation ‘national cuisine’. Typically, soup-pot restaurants can accomplish this while also serving as a space of dietary learning, providing meals that are culturally understood to be balanced and nutritious, and garnering support for local cuisine from across the socio-economic spectrum. Indirectly, these restaurants can be seen as potential innovators for managing the consequences of industrialization on food and agriculture, facilitating democratic daily practices of food sovereignty.


This seminar attracted 29 participants from within and outside the division of natural resource economics, who actively engaged in the question and answer session.