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Poverty alleviation, Instituion, Development Economics, Food Problem, Structural Adjustment Problem, Behavioral Economics, Conservation of Natural Resources, Trade Theory, Gema Theory


A Study on the Crowdingout Effect of Micro-insurance in Developing World
Comparative institutional analysis to organizational design of rural China
Application of Three-factor two-good model for Economic History in Thailand



Under globalization, necessity is driving Japan to build a international cooperative relationship with developing countriwes. For that purpose, we need to deepen mutual understanding each other. Our educational targets are to develop students's ability and knowledge on understanding developing countries from viewpoint of development economics so that they can contribute to deepning mutual understanding between Japan and developing countries. To study development world, we need to understand the socio-economic systems charcterized by it's own hitory and culture. Theerefore, we attach importance to field studies. In addition, in rural societies of developing conutries, we sometimes face behivioral patterns of villge people which cannot be interpreted by the assumption of homo-economics. For the purpose of understanding such behaviors, we apply methdologies of behavioral economics and social scychology for that.
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