Management & Information of Agricultural Enterprise

Farm Managerial Information and Accounting


Decision Support System for Farm Management, Farming-Systems Database, Mathematical Programming, Farm Planning, Input-Output Analysis, Practical Application of Farm Management Theory


Constructing and Managing a Farming-Systems Database
Agricultural Informatics for technologies and Accounting
Farm Planning and Risk Assessment with Mathematical Programming
Estimating Economic Ripple Effects of Farming Technologies Application by Input-Output Analyses



With applying the theories of Farm Management, Agro-informatics and Farm Accounting, the laboratory of Farm Managerial Information and Accounting addresses the issues of farmers' decision making on introducing new technologies, financing of investment, farm business management with quantitative evaluation and so on. Especially, we are focusing on these issues with viewing them from the micro and macro perspective.
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    Coursework; Fundamental Practice for Farm Accounting.

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    Farmers Training Course in Kyoto Prefecture.

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    Delivery Lecture for Extension workers.

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    Research Project in Developing Countries.

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    Hard to manage the ridge between rice fields.

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    Hilly and Mountainous Areas in Western Region of Japan.

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    Farm fields varied in size and shape from small to large.
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    Well-managed farm fields by shrinking and aging workforce.

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    The high‐density transplanting machine.

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    Movable bench system for strawberry cultivation.

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    The shipment of harvested broccoli under refrigerated condition.

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    The flow of food waste generation.

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    Advanced disposing facility of dairy cattle manure.

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    Traditional kettles for “Shochu Brewing Industry.”

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    Seminar presentation hosted by our lab.

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