Management & Information of Agricultural Enterprise

Farm Managerial Information and Accounting


Agricultural operation management, Agricultural accounting, Governance of farm enterprises, Farm enterprises, Regional industrial clusters, Collaboration and synergy by farm and other industrial sectors, Wine business


Management and accounting in incorporated farming enterprises
Farm service businesses
Governance in farm management and accountability in agricultural accounting
Search and development of human resources in farm sectors
Regional agri-industrial clusters, including wine-business clusters, and their socio-economic implications



From family farm to joint, community, and incorporated farms, there exist diverse forms of farming entities. With the lenses of morphology, typology and development of management and accounting, our program is commited to research and education to deepen understandings of such diverse farming entities. Along with the aforementioned theoretical and methodologial approaches, we appreciate the value of fieldworks to look into the dynamics of operations of farms and their relationship with commuinities. Through intensive interactions with local people in the field, we intend to elucidate how the constellations of farming entities operate and to derive practical insights to help them build a sustainable farming operation.
One of our recent research interests lies in the management and governance of the variety of farming entities from family to corporate operations that contribute to building a healthy local agricultural development. We also delve into the development of regional agri-industrial clusters including the wine business, and synergetic effects of collaborations between agricultural and other industrial sectors.
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