International Agricultural Economics

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food production, agricultural policy, environmental policy, resource utilization, land use, environmental governance, environment evaluation, food safety, agricultural organizations, multi-functionality of agriculture


comparative disadvantage in agriculture of Asian countries
analysis of agricultural and environmental polices
economic evaluation of rural environment
institutional analysis of common pool resource management
economic analysis of rural producer organizations



Using microeconomics and econometrics as analytical methodologies, the Laboratory of Agricultural and Environmental Policy addresses the issues of comparative disadvantage in agriculture of Asian countries, land use policies, rural producer organizations, mechanism design of food policy, an economic evaluation of resource use, environmental governance, and common pool resource managements. Our ongoing research focus is on agriculture and rural societies of Japan and China, which will be expanded to include other fields and regions in the future.

Special emphasis is placed on having broader perspectives on food, agricultural and environmental problems, and analyzing their economic relevance and causality. Our motto is to identify research subjects based on an accurate understanding of what is happening in the real world. We also attach great importance to examining the empirical results from a global standpoint.
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