Comparative Agricultural History & Philosophy of Agricultural Science

Philosophy of Agricultural Science

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Ethics of Food and Agriculture, Philosophy of Science, Critical Thoughts, Rural Development, Urban to Rural Migration, East Asia, Agrarianism, Rural Women


Comparative Study on Ethics of Food and Agriculture
Critical Study on Future of Rural Society
Characteristics of Subsistence in Modern Agrarian Thoughts
Contemporary Movement on Reformation of Agri-food System
Philosophical Study on Contemporary Agricultural Science



The aim of our research is to contemplate critically and/or philosophically what states of agriculture, agricultural science and rural societies ought to be in the present and future, founded on empirical and theoretical knowledge and deep understandings about them. Supposing the mission of agriculture and agricultural science would be to provide ever increasing human population with safe foods sustainably, expansion of food production, justification of food distribution, and technological systems of agricultural production sustainable for securing environment and human life shall be needed.
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